Cement Industry

A new breath of life
for the most stable CEMAT version yet.

Unique ability to run Cemat 4.0 with latest windows platform allowing the use of current IPC hardware. No need for multi-million dollar systems upgrade.

Market Specific Solutions Customized For Our Clients:

  • System Upgrade from 4.0 (Simatics S5) to Cemat 8.1 (PCS 7).
  • Developed a unique method (tried and tested) in configuring and linking Cemat 4.0 (Windows NT) with latest Window’s Platform enabling interface with the latest IPC hardware.
  • Expert knowledge in Cement Plant Systems Integration.
  • PLC conversion from Siemens S5 to S7.
  • Professional ‘know-how’ in Process Instrumentation.
  • Thorough knowledge of Standard Blocks utilized in Cement Industry.
  • Capacity and capability to integrate old systems and new systems to CEMAT namely, weighing systems such as Schenck, Husller, Kukla and Baumer.
  • Familiarity with process and operations Interlock and Plant Safety Standards.
  • A strong team of support personnel and engineers (24/7) for PLC and Drives installed at plant.
  • A large repository of components and parts available for automation systems maintenance and repair.
Consultation & Support