Oil & Gas Industry

When the pressure heats up, you'll need reliability

Luckily for you, we are in the business of Engineering Peace of Mind. End to end process automation with 24/7 support for both PLC and drives.

Market Specific Solutions Customized For Our Clients:

  • Integrated Process Control and Measurement to feed instantaneous data analytics to Production Manager. This enables timely process flow checks that translates to cost and time saving to the entire process.
  • Developed a unique method (tried and tested) that enables the automatic generation of accurate daily production report.
  • State of the art process tracking to enable distribution planning and stocking activities.
  • A strong team of support personnel and engineers (24/7) for PLC and Drives installed within the Oil and Gas Plant.
  • A large repository of components and parts available for automation systems maintenance and repair.
  • The most competitive pricing partner in the market.
  • A knowledgeable team with good understanding of Oil & Gas Standards and Safety requirements for equipment e.g. Safety Integrity Levels & Electrical Equipment Standards requirement for respective zones within the plant.
  • Team of engineers with good knowledge of redundancy requirements – high availability vs high reliability.
  • Excellent understanding of Shutdown and Safety Systems.
Consultation & Support