Steel & Aluminium Industry

Iron-clad process tracking helping you achieve elevated energy efficiency.

Tried and tested measures for complete traceability with reports generated every day.

Market Specific Solutions Customized For Our Clients:

  • Integrated Process Control and Measurement to feed instantaneous data analytics to Production Manager. This enables timely process flow checks that translates to cost and time saving to the entire process.
  • State of the Art process tracking to enable energy saving features to be integrated into the systems that are running.
  • Developed a unique time tested method in eliminating nuisance trip during operations and start-up, and the tracking of every aspect of the process to ensure traceability.
  • A strong team of support personnel and engineers (24/7) for PLC and Drives installed within the Steel and Aluminum plant.
  • A large repository of components and parts available for automation systems maintenance and repair.
  • Maintain a long term archive of “alarms” and “faults” used for the purpose of troubleshooting and traceability.
  • Incorporate a unique method (tried and tested) that ensures the automatic generation of accurate daily production report.
  • We are current with the latest development, technology advancement and “know-how” in integrating the latest systems to existing plant operations.
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