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SMEs Increases Productivity Through Smart Factory

Industry 4.0 is the buzzword for todays Malaysia businesses. One of the key component to the Industry 4.0 is SMART FACTORY. The term describes an environment where machinery and equipment work in unison to improve processes through automation and self-optimization. The benefits extend beyond just the physical production of goods, they include functions like planning, supply chain logistics, and even product development. The structure of a SMART FACTORY can include a combination of production, information, and communication technologies, with the potential for integration across the entire manufacturing supply chain.

SMART FACTORY enables manufacturers to address the most common pains for years.

SMART FACTORY no longer describe what the future will be but has become a present business strategy for many manufacturers to utilize, to be more competitive and for some a means to sustain their business in this global competitive digital economy.

The adoption of Industry 4.0 – Smart Factory is relatively slow in Malaysia due to the perceived project complication and high cost. Only a handful of MNCs and bigger SMEs taken strategic actions to invest into SMART FACTORY. GENiE SMART FACTORY an innovation by Galactic is designed to help manufacturers especially SMEs to stay competitive by increasing their productivity and cost savings.

GALACTIC has done numerous studies to understand SMEs concerns and invested in R&D to develop a robust, efficient, practical yet affordable SMART FACTORY Solution – GENiE.  GENiE addresses most if not all of manufacturers concerns:

  1. Affordable Low Entry Cost – Low Set Up Cost with monthly subscription model.
  2. High & Fast Return on Investment (RoI) – Guaranteed Reduction in OPEX and can be as low as 3 months.
  3. No Production Downtime during implementation.
  4. Real Time Dashboard Reporting for both business & technical users.
  5. Incorporates commissioning process derived from project experience in various industries throughout the years.

Still uncertain? Well, it is common as Industry 4.0 -Smart Factory is a new concept for many. You are not alone. Galactic has been contributing our practical experience with many including MITI committee in the Industry 4.0 readiness self-assessment exercise. Contact us for a free consultation! It is part of our values to share and grow together.

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