Performance That Drives Profitability

With shrinking budgets and ever increasing output targets, large industries are hard-pressed to reduce wastage wherever and whenever possible.

Large electricity loads mean high energy consumption, expensive running costs that results in more losses when not managed properly. Hence, targeting large loads would be most advantageous to save production costs.

Introducing large (capacity) drives to your processes can be one of the best energy optimising measure as it is beneficial in more ways than one.

Pain Point: For the past 19 years, we have observed a majority of large industries across Malaysia suffering continuous losses during operations and worse yet, running large electrical loads during production rest modes.

To illustrate further, the diagrams below show the same process with and without our solution.

Control of flow using throttles with the motor running at full speed will consume a staggering 285% of the required load.

In our solution, a large drive is introduced to control power to the motor, whereby reduced flow, reduced energy is to the motor (#Savings 1). Reduction of speed and power to minimum levels during rest modes (#Savings 2) will compound potential savings.

Huge reductions in energy consumption is undeniable. In some cases, more than 100% reduction. Our unique solutions have saved our customers millions of ringgits in production running cost across the industry over the past two decades.

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