Machine Building

Galactic Advance Engineering has been in the forefront when it comes to developing and the building of customized automated prototypes and production machines from concept. Based on our vast knowledge and expertise in machine design, fabrication, and electrical – mechanical interface across industries, we are able to deliver to client production requirements and expectations to the letter.

Our track record and client testimony speaks volumes of what we can deliver. Please contact us to enjoy that “Engineering Peace of Mind” and be part of our ever increasing list of satisfied client partnerships.


A. Customer communicates their needs based on their process requirement, along with present operational difficulties that is hindering optimum performance.

B. We suggest possible solution (machine concepts) to eliminate production issues.

C. Quotation is generated based on the agreed machine concept.

Deposit Payment

A. Customer proceeds to Purchase Order and deposit payment of 30%.

Site Survey

Detailed engineering via the following steps:
A. to gather actual site measurements, distance etc.

B. to evaluate site conditions, humidity, temperature; information needed to ensure suitable component selection.

C. component selection to suit respective process conditions.

Machine Design

A. A team of engineers with specialised expertise will come up with a Functional Design Spec (FDS) and drawings for customer approval.

Client Approval

A. Up to TWO rounds of client feedback is built into the system. Any additional requests will be considered as a new request.

Machine Building

A. All approved drawings will be transformed into 'for construction drawings' and sent to respective CNC/moulding/coating preparation.
B. All relevant parts will be assembled according to 'for construction drawing'.
C. Next, is the integration of automation and mechanical aspects of the machine.
D. Internal commisioning of the machine will be executed, in stages, by commisioning engineers with ‘for commisioning drawings’.

Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)

A. The customer is invited to witness the performance of the custom machine, in accordance to the functional design specification agreed upon earlier in the process.

B. Upon approval and 50% balance payment, machine is transported to site.

Site Acceptance Test (SAT)

A. Machine is installed at their respective locations and tested for performance on-site using actual variables. Upon satisfactory conclusion of performance and trial run,

B. machine will be handed over to customer and 20% final payment is made.

C. Within 30 days of SAT and receipt of final payment, Final As-Built Drawing, Finalised Functional Design Spec, and all relevant document will be handed over.

Warranty Period (1 - 3 years)

A. Typically between 1-3 years depending on the complexity of the machine and the client’s requirement, specified earlier in the process.

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