How to Adult - 101

It is only right for me to address the young adults in my “maiden” blog entry, for they form the very building blocks of Galactic. Being a precision service engineering firm, young talents who possess the talent and the fire to innovate are vital to us.

We pride ourselves as a teaching-organisation where engineers, interns and non-technical employees are provided the right ecosystems to grow and learn on the job.

I am going to share with you what I tell my employees. It is pretty straight forward. You must actively seek out knowledge – in the right ratios.

10% News

Spend only a fraction of your time reading the news. It helps to be informed of the happenings around the world. However, spend too much time consuming news, you will end up feeling hopeless and entrapped in a never-ending cycle of negativity. Negativity sells. Conflict sells. It is not surprising bad news dominate your newsfeed, but don’t let it get to you.

30% Self-Development

Working on yourself is the most rewarding project that you can work on at any given time. There is always something that you can improve about yourself and a weakness to overcome. Identify and address them constantly. Become a better version of yourselves.

60% Technical Knowledge

This is the most important kind of knowledge for young adults. It helps decide your income and career growth. Your value as an employee sky-rockets when you keep abreast on all technical know-hows.

Hopefully this suggestion works for you. I can personally attest to the success of this formula as I have been applying it for more than 30 years and I remain at the top of my game.

Sakthivel Narayanasamy
Consultation & Support