Key Happiness Index

It's A Journey

In a service – driven industry like ours, human capital is an invaluable asset and we never fail to recruit young talents to embark on a mutually-beneficial journey.

We want to provide solutions. Not just solutions to address a company’s current need but also its future needs. To achieve this, technical knowledge alone would not suffice.

Therefore, our engineers are committed to improving their knowledge and themselves and in the process of doing so, deliver exceptional work output to the people they serve i.e. the clients. Technical knowledge without personal aspiration will lead to zero innovation.

Without innovation, Galactic would have remained service providers and not advanced solution providers.

Along the years we found that regular KPI’s did not do the trick. We had high employee turnover rates but those who stayed became invaluable to the company. We knew we were doing something right, but not sure what. We went back to the drawing board and developed the Key Happiness Index.

The Key Happiness Index is GALACTIC’s way of providing our engineers with everything they need to function optimally and to nurture and harvest their performance as an inevitable byproduct of happy employees.

The 5 Main Indices That Forms The Core of KHI:

  • Aptly Paid
  • Engaging Job Scope
  • Conducive Communal Environment
  • Ideal workplace setup to facilitate best practices at work and on-site
  • Provide a sense of direction
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