Pharmaceutical Industry

Injecting our expertise into providing a completely traceable process flow.

Coupled with our 24/7 support system, tracking and correcting non-compliance is a breezy process.

Market Specific Solutions Customized For Our Clients:

  • Process control process implementation is developed according to international standards of auditing namely, ISA S88 Control Standard; ensuring standardization and transparency via a clearly defined audit trail for audit purpose.
  • Developed a unique method (tried and tested) that ensures the generation of all relevant documentation in compliance to Pharmaceutical Industry requirements.
  • Ability to track and correct non-compliance sequences and processes with detailed traceability reports.
  • A strong team of support personnel and engineers (24/7) for PLC and Drives installed within the Pharmaceutical plant.
  • A large repository of components and parts available for automation systems maintenance and repair.
Consultation & Support