• August 1998

    Where it all began

    The faith of one client*, set the whole works in motion. When GALACTIC was incorporated, there were only two engineers shuttling to and from site, juggling up to 7 projects at a time.

  • 1991 – 2001

    We went international!

    1999 Automation of Cantonment & MHA Complex (SINGAPORE)

    2001 Automation of a theatre (RUSSIA)

    2001 Coca Cola Bottling Factory (HONG KONG)

  • 2002

    Website Launch 1.0

  • 2003

    Million Dollar baby

    First million-ringgit project completed for Lafarge Kuantan in 18 days.

  • 2006

    Million Dollar baby

    First Large Profibus PA installation in Malaysia 119 instruments

  • 2008

    Inventing into the future

    Customers started communicating their specialised needs. Machines that reduced costs by doing more but consuming less energy. We couldn’t find machines in the existing market that did the job. So we built them.

  • 2009

    Green Advocates

    We have worked in hundreds of sites and seen first-hand how every site was managed. Some used more energy than others, while some use energy more efficiently than others. We observed best practices. Performed research to back our methodology and pitched out idea. As a result, we helped UNITATA save 39% of their energy consumption at one of their CEBES plants

  • 2013

    Permanent New Home

    After 15 years of innovating, diligently pursuing precision, and excellence, GALACTIC’s avant-garde, purpose-built office was ready. With a built-up area of more than 6000 square-feet, our 2-storey site boasts a testing facility, meeting rooms and dedicated areas for each department.

  • 2015

    Exclusive Siemens Partnership

    We are the sole solutions partner for Siemens Large Drives in Malaysia

  • 2018

    Website Launch 2.0

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